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While there are many groups that amaze us with their abilities, there are also a ton of incredibly talented solo artists who are making their mark on the KPOP music industry. If you are a fan of the K-Pop world, you probably already know the international fame of many groups.

The truth is that we hardly hear the word K-Pop, we associate it with the idol groups that we normally see on social media. But did you know that there are several K-Pop soloists who have also been successful? In fact, starting a career as a solo artist is something common in this industry.

Whether it is to explore new musical styles or to find a new opportunity in the music industry after the separation of a group, even many artists are soloists in parallel with the daily activities of their groups.

Obviously, in their music videos you will not usually find the typical group choreography, but you will discover totally new, creative and out of the standard songs. While it's hard to make a name for yourself as a solo artist on the K-pop stage, some singers did achieve success and have become legends.

This is the second round with 8 official nominees. So, vote now, above all, you’re going to be helping your favorite soloist artist to reach out one of the next round spot. Start to vote now; you can vote 20-30 times per period, and each period is 1 hour. If you’re voting after 1 hour and your vote doesn’t count, please use incognito or delete cache. Here are the nominees:

RM vs. Jay B
BamBam vs. Rosé
Taeyeon vs. Kang Daniel
Stray Kids' Han vs. Yugyeom

Vote for HAN:
Vote for Yugyeom: Vote for Taeyeon:
Vote for Kang Daniel: Vote for BamBam:
Vote for ROSÉ: Tweet
Vote for Jay B:

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