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Grammys: Who do you hope will be nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance 2022?

2022 will be another opportunity for many artists to position themselves among the great winners of the most important night of music or at least be honored with a nomination.

According to Billboard, the nominees we chose have already submitted their submissions for consideration by the 2022 GRAMMY committee. As of now, nothing is confirmed, they are very early predictions and the Recording Academy has not yet reviewed the submissions. options.

In social media, the different fandoms share their excitement and hope that next year one of their favorites will finally achieve the great feat of being nominated. These are the group/pop duo, chosen by the Music Mundial team are shaping up to be the most successful of the year worldwide.

Acclamation by expert music critics, with massive sales, massive reproductions on streaming platforms and millions of views on YouTube, everything you need to be chosen, now you just have to cross your fingers and hope they get it. Here we present our early predictions, it is your duty to vote unlimitedly for your favorites:

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