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Behind every K-pop group, there is a great leader! There are many positions within an idol group but one of the most difficult positions in a K-pop group is the leader position. While we can't always see it on stage, leaders bear a lot of responsibility in maintaining teamwork and prosperity. When all else falls apart, a strong leader can be the glue that holds the group together.

Whether presenting the song, theme, concept or to the group itself, the leader is the one in charge. It's not easy to speak properly or know exactly what to say at the moment, but the K-pop frontperson is always well prepared. And every time something happens the wrong way, it's the leader who comes out and takes responsibility, and apologizes on behalf of the group.

We may forget sometimes, but most idols, especially K-pop leaders, are only in their 20s. The amount of responsibility that they assume, both imposed by the company and by themselves, is a lot. But this also causes them to mature and grow. Because they are seen as role models, leaders feel somewhat isolated from their members.

Even if they want to joke around with the members, lately being an idol is a job and they have to keep an eye on their members sometimes, even if it means being a "killjoy". Mostly because leaders have big hearts, they are always subject to good-natured jokes from their members. But when things start to get serious, their word is the law, and leaders always get the respect they deserve.

Leaders have to act not only as mediators between the fans, the boss and the media, but also as mediators in their groups. That can't always be easy and keeping the peace can be hard work. It requires a lot of wisdom and patience. In the end, however, being a leader is ultimately rewarding.

This is the semifinal round with 4 official nominees of MM KPOP GROUP LEADER OF THE YEAR 2021. So, vote now, above all, you’re going to be helping your favorite soloist member to reach out one of the next round spot. Start to vote now; unlimited voting and if you’re voting and your vote doesn’t count, please use incognito or delete cache. Here are the nominees:

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