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Vote now for the KPOP Vocalist of 2021, Who will pass to the final?

In a K-Pop group, there are three positions for the vocalists and they are divided into; Main Vocalist, Lead Vocalist and Sub Vocalist. The first 2 are the principal vocalists, but with a distinction, while the last has less participation in the songs. The Main Vocalist is the one who gets the most vocal lines, due to her professional singing technique.

This differs from the Lead Vocalist by having a greater vocal range, allowing him/her to make high notes with ease. He/She usually sings in choirs or improvisations. The lead vocalist is the member who has a good vocal technique that allows him/her to sing fluently and aesthetically. Despite not having the same ability as the Main Vocalist, the voice is attractive.

The Sub Vocalist is one who does not have much participation in a song and only sings lines that do not represent a vocal challenge. Usually he or she only sings for a few seconds. While she or he does not have a similar vocal ability to the main vocalists, this does not mean that he or she is lacking in talent.

This is the second round with 8 official nominees. So, vote now, above all, you’re going to be helping your favorite vocalist member to reach out one of the next round spot. Start to vote now; you can vote 20-30 times per period, and each period is 30 minutes. Here are the nominees:

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